Wadrobe Staples we Love



I am a  true believer in wardrobe staples. Those key pieces that everyone should have no matter what your style is because they will come in handy on those days that you just feel like you have absoultely nothing to wear despite your closet full of clothes (which can't happen to just me). Here are some favorite pieces of mine that I think all women should invest in at some point:


Now we all have those days when we feel bloated or "puffy", or really just not at our best. Those days suck, trust me I know, but the wonderful magic of the printed shirt/shell/tee with ruching can be so flattering for all! First and formost, print always helps in hiding any problem areas we may have, and ruching only adds to that help. It's just one of those great pieces that can be thrown over jeans, a skirt, or nice pair of trousers to pull an overall look together that you can be confident in all day long!


Splurge: (Ann Taylor "Dot Ruched Mixed Media Shell"- $49) http://www.anntaylor.com/dot-ruched-mixed-media-shell/330466?colorExplode=false&skuId=16588707&catid=cat2090008&productPageType=search&defaultColor=6600


Steal: (H&M "Patterned Cotton Blouse" – $17.95) http://www.hm.com/us/product/30678?article=30678-A



Yes, yes…the LBD. We've all heard it time and time again that every woman needs a little black dress, but we've heard it so often because it's completely true! Have an important event coming up? No problem, just throw on your LBD, a nice set of heels, some stunning jewelry and you're all set. Running late to work? Grab your LBD, toss on a structured blazer, some bangles, and  a nice  pair of bright colored flats to make your outfit pop and you're work ready! Finally, switch out your blazer for a leather jacket, fun combat boots,  some sunglasses and your ready for an afternoon of shopping. You see where I'm going with this. The LBD is the most versitile piece a woman can own.


Splurge: (Zara "Tube Dress with Pleats at Neckline" – $79.90) http://www.zara.com/us/en/collection-aw14/woman/dresses/tube-dress-with-pleats-at-neckline-c269185p2078021.html

Steal: (Macy's "Bar III A-line Dress" – $34.99 -sale ends 07/27 for this one!) http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/bar-iii-a-line-dress?ID=1437206&CategoryID=5449&LinkType=&swatchColor=Deep%20Black&TStamp=1406180743969#fn=COLOR%3DBlack%26DRESS_LENGTH%3DShort%26SLEEVE_LENGTH%3DShort%20Sleeve%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D26%26ruleId%3D72%26slotId%3D5



Alright so I don't have any specific links for this one because jeans truly are a particular item that everyone will vary between. Style, wash, fit and brand are all things that must be taken into consideration when buying jeans, so go out and find what works for you! What I can reccommend is to hold on to that one pair that fits just right and don't be afraid to wear them in! Nothing feels better than a pair of jeans that fits you like a glove-it becomes a piece that you know will work and can grab at the last minute and not worry about what they look like on because they are that constant staple in your wardrobe.

I hope these little tips help you out the next time you go shopping!