The War on High School Girls and Their Clothing




    The war on women has gone beyond just us, it’s starting with our high school girls. Schools from Utah to one in Canada are attacking girls and their clothing choices. Let us start with Utah. For the year book the school decided that they would edit what some of the girls were wearing like adding on sleeves to a tank top or adding on part of a girl’s top so that you couldn’t see any of her chests. Was her breast out? Could you see her bra? No they just did not like how one girl had her tattoo out a little bit and the other they did not like that her arms were showing. Really you are going to edit someone’s yearbook photo because you do not like amount of skin or a tattoo showing? There were no boy’s photos that were edited only girls. What kind of message does that send out to our children? That even if they follow dress code it still isn’t good enough? They literally discriminated against these girls for clothing that they deemed is inappropriate.

        Lets go over to Canada now.  One of the places that is suppose to be more accepting of women and they “allow us to be us” unless your shorts are to short. And by to short they mean finger length. Instead of talking to them in the principles office they choose to parade them in class and make them do the finger length check. How is that ok? How is it ok to embarrass a group of girls for wearing shorts in the heat? Even when I was in school I thought that the finger length rule was a stupid rule because what my fingers hit is not the same as one of my other friends. Even though we are like height, my arms are shorter. So if we bought the same pair of shorts or skirt, we would not hit the same place. How the fuck is that fair? Are they really saying that you have to pick certain brands that fit that standard? What if no other brands fit you well so what you are stuck wearing pants in the heat?

       The reason they are saying they are doing this is because it will distract boys from school. So we are going to make these girls hot because you can’t teach boys to keep their eyes on the board and that women are not sexual objects? Why must we make these girls suffer and blame them for something that isn’t their fault? Why is it their entire fault? I know life isn’t fair but when you literally are putting girls down to make sure that these boys stay in line well that is beyond horrid. It is ridicules that no a days everything is set around making sure we women don’t distract men with out clothing. This is 2014 why are you not teaching your sons to be respectful? Why are you not teaching them that they need to keep their hands to themselves, there are no clothing ever that suggest yes and no means no. Why are these a hard lesson to teach? By telling girls what they can and can’t wear because it will distract boys is giving these young men no responsibility but putting these girls down and treating them like distracting trash.

       In this time were equal rights seems to be pitted against more then ever it is pretty ridicules that they are even starting on teen girls. There is no solace for us anymore it seems like everything we have been fighting for and we won for a while is coming back up for debate which is should not. We are in the 21st centaury fighting for basic rights like wearing shorts or a tank top for our school year book.  The only thing that is decent coming out of this is that these young women will come out angry from these schools and they will want to fight for equal rights. Some of them are very outspoken up in Canada saying how they feel and not hiding it. Hopefully they will become part of the movement to keep everything equal.