What is a Shitty Tattoo, Part one of Isaac Abril artwork





         What is a shitty tattoo? Do you really know what a shitty tattoo is? It seems like people lately have decided that if they do not understand what the tattoo means then it is a shitty tattoo. I don’t know if this is something they don’t realize they are doing but it doesn’t suck if you don’t get it, much like movies, art and music, there are always the technical parts of tattoos that make it a good tattoo. I wanted a gothic cup cake. That is specifically what I asked for and Isaac Abril delivered what I wanted. I had originally asked for a sugar skull on top of it but was pleasantly surprised to see a hand holding an eye. Abril has been tattooing for over two years, and he has a lot of talent. Like any artist starting out in a new trait, it takes time and a lot of practice but having a natural talent for something help out a lot.  Abril not only understands what a good tattoo looks like, but how to place it right on the body. For someone who has been tattooing for a short period of time, he is miles ahead in an industry that is booming with mediocre work.

            How can you tell a good tattoo? Well first off line work is important. What I mean by this is how straight are the lines and are they it the same size all around the tattoo. Abril choose to do a spider web as the base of the cupcake. His lines are spot on. You can tell that it is a spider web first off, secondly because it is something that needs a finer needle; there is more of a chance to fuck up. The only issue that is really there are the bats and they are easy to fix. One ear is different then the other and one wing is a little wider. Yeah well I can find you a mistake on all of my tattoos and some are fixable some aren’t. This tattoo isn’t even done and it is a great tattoo. By the way that it healed it is going to last for a long time. Because it is black and gray they are a few different ways to do it. Abril takes the classic way and waters down his black in order to get the right shades of gray and the right shading down.  Some artist chooses to use black and use a white to make the gray but that does not always achieve the same kind of shading. In fact it creates a whole different look. There is nothing wrong with going that route but for a piece like mine, it takes a lot more of an artist eye to get the grays in the right spot. This was done beautifully. The shading in the hand is what you would look for in a hand that is falling apart.

        Instead of saying that it is a shitty tattoo because you do not understand it, look at the quality of the work. Look at the lines and the shading, the placing of the tattoo, how it flows with the body, instead if thinking what you would have liked to of gotten instead. A tattoo is not for society rather it is for the person getting the work done. If we only get tattoos that people understand then we would miss out on some of the great works of art. Its like saying a Jackson Pollack painting is hideous because you don’t understand why someone would only play with lines or paint splatter. In the end of the day Pollack made his paintings for himself, the same as a tattoo. Get over what you want and appreciate the work that goes into it.  I know for sure that I have a few tattoos I want and lately Abril has been saying he wills a tattoo for tips but he gets to pick out what he is doing. That is bloody awesome hopefully a sugar skull comes up soon so I can tip, give out baked good and if it keeps on going the way it is he will end up with a year of free ad space! Here is Avenue Tattoo facebook and Isaac’s facebook as well, look at their work book an appointment! Support your local growing artist!